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Cougar Land Services, LLC is dedicated to maintaining the environment in which it works and to providing a safe and healthy workplace for its employees through the active implementation of an effective health, safety and environmental (HSE) management system. At all times, HSE aspects of operations are an integral part of how we do business and will always be paramount in importance to other business objectives.

The company defines safe operating procedures which meet, or in some cases exceed industry standards and governmental regulations in order to protect the interests of employees, customers, the public, and the environment. In order to participate in defining these on an ongoing basis, the company actively participates with industry in developing standards and promoting HSE issues in the oil and gas industry.

Communication, safety awareness and participation in the HSE process are key ingredients to the success of an HSE management system. Therefore, it is expected and supported by management that all employees and when applicable, customers, contractors and visitors, attend safety meetings, participate in internal auditing of their respective operations, attend review meetings and generate a level of heightened communications in regards to safe practices. All employees are actively encouraged to participate in the conduct and management of safety by means of achieving defined objectives and standards which are regularly reviewed and appraised.

It is the responsibility of management to ensure that employees and contractors are aware of and have access to copies of all regulatory requirements, company policies and procedures and that they have the appropriate training to comply with these requirements.

All employees are required to familiarize themselves with and adhere to company policies, procedures and safe work practices. In addition, each individual shall have the opportunity to provide input to operations by means of safety meetings and the company's open door policy regarding all HSE issues. The company acknowledges that it is only through the freedom to make comment, and through the flow of information, that risks may be identified and minimized.

Employees are also encouraged to reduce risk by participation in the identification of unsafe acts and situations and reporting these observations to their supervisor. Positive action arising from these observations are supported by Cougar Land Services management and are reviewed at all levels to ensure that reasonable attempts are made to reduce or eliminate hazards and that employees who participate in the process are rewarded.

Bruce A. Fulker, President of Cougar Land Services