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About Cougar Land Services

Cougar Land ServicesBruce Fulker, President of Cougar Land Services, LLC has over 30 years of seismic permitting experience.

Cougar Land Services has completed permit projects in some of the most challenging of areas. We have a strong list of references to attest to our professionalism and success across the United States.

There is often a disconnect between the land crew and the seismic company that causes client frustration, lost time and money. We provide a bridge between the two with constant communication between Cougar Land Services and you to ensure your projects go smoothly.

We have the expertise to manage all issues relating to seismic permitting including the permitting of all regulatory agencies, state, federal, and sensitive wetland areas. Cougar Land takes pride in the ability to interface with land departments or with agents who have ongoing lease efforts. We can negotiate surface permits and damages, while functioning as a liaison to the field crews.

Seismic 3D Imaging

Depending on the clients' requirements, we maintain an on site field office for the duration of each project and provide a project manager, permit agents, mineral agents, research and lease check agents, mapping and database agents. We complement the staffing with check writing for landowner permits and payoff accounting through 1099's at year’s end.

We offer online integration through our client database servers. All customer data is accessed through secure servers protected with off site backup.

A login and password is provided for each client's individual project. This capability offers the client immediate access to their proprietary information at all times. The Client will also receive a weekly report on the progression of all aspects of the project.

Our headquarters are located at: 1600 Hwy. 6 South Suite 260, Sugar Land, Texas 77478